Hi, my name is Ritsch, I live in the Holledau, the biggest hops growing-area all over the world, thats in the north of Munich.

I was born in 66, and since nearly 50 years I play accordeon. But I don´t play this TV- or Radio-bullshit, no, I play real bavarian folk-music, native songs, but not only for native people.

I was live on stage in upper- and lower-bavaria, but also in Seattle/Washington, Portland/Oregon, Missoula/Montana, Sun Valley/Idaho, Vancouver/Canada, Pretoria and Johannesburg/South Africa.

You can book me for

weddings, concern-parties, birthdays or other celebrations.

I play for you with my accordeon a native, funny bavarian music, sing songs, and for special order I make "Gstanzl", a bavaria way of funny poems.

I can wirte poems for you in bavarian, german or english, and I even recite them.

You can book me for christmas-readings as well as for strongbeer-parties.

Any questions???

Mail to bavarianvoices@yahoo.de or

phone 0049-8751/61277